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Sanitizing Tablets should be used for cleaning and storing Oak Barrels.  Especially after aging beer and wine, where yeasts and bactera quickly develop, sanitizing your Oak Barrel will ensure long-term use and a safe vessel to use over and over again.  

Use our sanitizing tablets during a thorough cleaning (see cleaning kit instructions) or Storing long term (see storing instructions). Properly cleaning and maintaining your barrel will ensure your next batch will be free of any lingering bacteria.

Spirits do not generally require sanitizing tablets, however we encourage all of our barrel owners to take the extra step in properly cleaning and maintaining their Oak Barrels.  It is our recommendation that each barrel should undergo a full cleaning every 3-4 months. 

We currently stock tablets for all sizes of barrels, as well as bulk tablets for the overachievers among us.


Barrel Sanitizing Tablets (choice of size)


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