FLIP Wine Aerator | Stainless Steel | 1-liter

  • Brand: Highwave
  • Product Code: FL3400
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FASTEST RESULTS:  Three easy steps to open up any wine fast!

ON-THE-RUN:  Leak-proof, Travel-Safe

CHILL OUT:  Neoprene base chills your favorite white wine

Housed in a one-liter stainless steel decanter, our FLIP Wine Aerator screens any sediment will open your wine faster and better than any other aeration system.  Simply add your favorite bottle of wine (750ml), close the lid, turn upside down and then right side up.  That's it!  

Didn't quite finish that bottle? No problem, our FLIP Wine Aerator is also leakproof allowing it to easily turn into a travel-safe decanter.  


 1 FLIP Wine Aerator


Every FLIP Wine Aerator comes with a full 1-year warranty for defects and abnormalities.  See warranty and delivery information for details.

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