Wine Time Capsule | Stainless Steel | 750ml (25 oz.)

  • Brand: Highwave
  • Product Code: WTC759
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EXTEND YOUR CHILL:  Hours of perfectly chilled wine at your fingertips

VERSATILE:  Great for wine, water, tea, coffee, juices, mixed drinks and so much more!

This vacuum-insulated, stainless steel wine time capsule holds 750ml of your favorite wine, keeping it cold for hours!  Pour already chilled wine inside the capsule and hours later enjoy the brisk flavor only a perfectly chilled white wine can deliver.  Great for picnics, concerts or time out on the town.  These time capsules will quickly become your go-to vessel when you're looking to bring your own wine. 

Why stop at wine though?  This time capsule is also great for other beverages, both cold and hot.  No matter the drink, Time Capsule has you covered!

Time capsule must be washed by hand, not dishwasher safe


 1 Wine Time Capsule


Every Time Capsule comes with a full 1-year warranty for defects and abnormalities.  We do not cover for broken glassware after acceptance of shipment.  See warranty and delivery information for details.

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