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My First Oak Barrel:  How do I use this thing?
Learn more about our oak barrels and why they are a must have accessory in your home. We also discuss several different ideas for barrel aging, including: hot sauce, vinegar, beer, wine and liquor. So if you're interested in learning more about barrel aging at home, this is a MUST READ!
Moonshine, part 1 (History)
Moonshine has incredible history in the United States. What began as a way to avoid excess taxation quickly became a way of life for those willing to dodge the law. Today moonshine is still very much illegal, but generally only for those brave enough to sell it. Come check out this blog post as we discuss the history of moonshine, prohibition and how legislation has forever altered the course of moonshining.
Barrel Aged Manhattans: An American Classic with a Woody Twist
Take a unique and creative spin with a classic Manhattan by aging in a american charred oak barrel. Barrel-aged manhattans are quickly becoming the cocktail of choice for oak aging experts around the country!
Hot Sauce Maniacs Rejoice! Barrel Aged Hot Sauce How-To & Recipe
Are you the type to add hot sauce to just about everything? If so, come check out how you can make your own fermented hot sauce at home! Barrels have been used for centuries to create the hot sauces that you love, now you can recreate that flavor at home following our proven steps and recipe. Enjoy!
Show Your Barrel Some Love: A Quick Guide for Barrel Maintenance
Barrel aging requires preparation and routine maintenance. Keeping your barrel in tip top shape will extend the usable life of your barrel for up to 10 years.
Barrel Aged Beer: The Home-Brewers Final Frontier
If you're into home brewing, barrel-aged beers should be at the top of your to-do list. Over the course of the last few years, we have seen a sharp up-tick in the availability and of beer with oak barrel influence. Craft brewers from around the world have taken notice and are ensuring the tradition of barrel-aged beers lives on.
Oak Aging Barrels 101: An Introduction to Improving your Barrel Game
A quick introduction into the many uses of a Longhorn Oak Barrel. From aging beer to storing peanuts, start here for a blueprint to start your barrel aging project.
Infusing your cigars: Make your own liquor infused cigars at home!
Forget dipping cigars into your prized whiskey/bourbon. Instead marry the flavors of great tobacco by using a Cigar Infusion Barrel. Charred oak staves absorb your choice liquor, then put on the lid and let the magic happen! In 7-10 days you will have created one of the best "stogies" you've ever had.
Let's Talk Tequila:  Barrel-age your tequila for maximum flavor
The recent resurgence of tequilas is closely tied to barrel aging. Learn how tequilas are categorized base on aging time in oak barrels. And what's the deal with the worm anyway?
All about American Whiskey: The good, the bad and the "oaky"
Is the correct spelling whiskey or whisky? What is the difference between straight whiskey and bourbon whiskey? Check out this latest blog post for the answers to all your whiskey questions.
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