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ZERO-DILUTION:  No more watered-down drinks

ARCTIC CORE™ TECHNOLOGY: Chills from the inside-out lasts up to an hour

RAISE AWARENESS:  Portion of each sale is donated in an effort to raise testicular cancer awareness

BAR ESSENTIAL:  Upgrade your gear and reap the benefits

Complement your latest Longhorn Barrel brew with Original Balls of Steel drink chillers.  Designed for the serious whiskey drinker, these stainless steel Arctic Core™ technology chills your beverage without diluting or adding any unwanted flavors. Compact, lightweight and COLD, Original Balls of Steel are always ready when you need them. 

Recently tested by a third party (here), results show how Original Balls of Steel compare against other drink chillers.  Proven to last up to an hour, Original Balls of Steel is the best way to enjoy your next drink, guaranteed.   


Original Balls of Steel were created with a unique cause in mind, battling testicular cancer.  When caught and treated at an early stage, testicular cancer patients have an unbelievable 99% survival rate.  In an effort to raise awareness and open dialogue throughout the world, a portion of every Balls of Steel purchase is donated strategically to ensure maximum effectiveness. 


Funding Levels

Original BOS, LLC

15% of Total Net Profit

Three Gingers Ventures LLC, DBA Longhorn Barrels

10% of BOS products sold


Funded Organizations           

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Testicular Cancer Society

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