ROX Whiskey Stones

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EASY TO USE:  Chill without watering down

100% SOAPSTONE:  Natural Soapstone with extended chilling time

PERFECT GIFT:  A must have for every serious Whiskey and Beer drinker

ROX are our testament to the brewer, distiller, winemaker, coffee roaster and everyone who appreciates the fruits of these craftsmens' labor.

ROX are the perfect way to bring your beverage to its ideal drinking temperature and keep it there without watering down your drink.

While everyone has their own preferred method of preparation and consumption, we prefer our drinks full flavor and with a slight chill. Don’t dilute your next beverage; instead try adding a few chilled ROX.  Our ROX are the perfect solution for chilling any room temperature beverage.  Designed to bring your drink to its ideal drinking temperature and keep it there without over-chilling or watering down. Just add a couple ROX to your glass and enjoy your next one ON THE ROX!

ROX are crafted from 100% Natural Soapstone, a non-porous, odorless, and inert stone that will retain a neutral taste in your freezer, unlike ice cubes. Soapstone has a high thermal mass, giving it the natural ability to retain its temperature for extended periods of time.


    Choose either: 8 ea. 1" Soapstone ROX  or  4 ea. 1.25" ROX XL

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